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This was so excellently done :)! I always knew I was missing some of the underlying intuition behind duality, but I didn't know what it was until I read this article! Thanks so much for sharing, Abhishek.

Experimenting out of curiosity, probably not a good read

I was curious about getting working code into a website, and Medium seemed like a good place to start.

According to Medium’s help manual regarding embedding (available at:

All you need to do to get some embedding working inline is to use one of its partnered sites via and this will allow me to include different batches of code, etc. with very little work. Which is awesome. What’s weird is instead of using the embed source code (provided by each and every service) you just include the link and rely on medium to automatically recognize your link as…

A non-expert analysis of widely available data

It strikes me that in Ontario we’ve reached a turning point in our fight against the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. As we enter Phase 1 of restriction easing, for better or worse, we are becoming lab rats in our own potentially dangerous human biology experiment. This phase should, in theory, provide information in terms of which activities do truly lead to spikes, and will (hopefully) showcase our government’s capacity for contact tracing, widespread testing and the surgical isolation of infected individuals.

In light of the delay between sweeping policy changes and learning their consequences, I thought it might be interesting to…

He was born in the spring, and like most babies are,

He was moved about a hospital, then brought home in a car.

As an average little baby, he would often cry and fuss,

He wanted food, a clean diaper and a parent he could trust.

But his parents were too busy for a list of tasks like that,

They had a company to keep afloat and finances to track.

So this vocal little baby was sent into others’ care,

Where he learned that if he cried loud enough, what he wanted would be there.

“FOOD” he would scream, as…

A loosely veiled excuse to post some funny tweets

I had a talk with a friend earlier this week about a certain media-fueled Republican candidate that has taken virtually all news outlets by storm. She suggested, quite astutely, that if we starve said candidate of his attention, he will cease to exist, dissipating into the atmosphere like the ball of hot air that he is.
While I cannot help but agree, it’s difficult to overlook the fact that the candidate is extremely entertaining, so I’ve chosen to go ahead with this article, and to simply not name names. Much like a goofier, yet somehow more frightening Voldemort, I will…

Why you are entirely responsible for raising horrible, narcissistic children*

I read an article the other day. A woman, a mother, a whiny internet voice among the cavalcade of others just like her, self-righteously preaching about the unfair portrayal of women in the media. My annoyance at this woman’s accusations certainly did not stem from her failure to highlight the classics; she had it all covered, from Victoria’s Secret’s evil plan to prevent the females from achieving to the ever popular refrain; think about the children. Or more accurately, her children. I read this article and it bothered me.

More like the bras ceiling. Amiright ladies? Source:

Now you might be thinking I’m a generally unpleasant person, or…

Dani R

I was told there would be snacks

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